Welcome to Euclidea, a modern take on an internet riddle game!

includes 51 Levels (+39 Elements)

This riddle is discontinued and is never going to be worked on ever again.
However, this riddle's legacy lives on in my next game, Polychromasia. Please check it out instead!

Inspired by Notpron, ZED, and E.B.O.N.Y.

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If you somehow stumbled across this website, this game is still in its development phase.

If you would still like to try it out, click the image above to begin.

Allow sound permissions for a better experience!

If you want to ask for hints or just chill with the community, (there is none) join the Discord server!
It's poorly made and there are little to no people in it.
I don't know how to make a Discord server, okay?

If you'd like to give me feedback, you are welcome to send me a DM on Discord! (DissolvedHelium#6310)

Update Log

Special thanks to Neocities for hosting this website!